County of Linlithgow

“KATERINA” – petroleum tanker (ex “County of Linlithgow”)

If you live in or near Piraeus Greece, you may have knowledge of the above vessel which was damaged/lost in or around Piraeus / Methana sometime after 23 April 1941. If you have any details about what happened to this vessel (whether it survived, where it was sunk, if it was repaired or broken-up) please contact us!

So far the evidence is that the vessel (converted to a motor-tanker) was badly damaged in April 1941, but may have survived for use until circa 1948. Does anyone have photographs of Methana, or Piraeus, anchorages where fuel-tankers were berthed around that time? This was the last, and largest, of the 12 R&J Craig 4-mast hulls, and was a very fine, late, example of a square rigger – technically known as a “full rig ship”. Friends in Athens are attempting to track-down the local harbour records.

“County of Linlithgow” at sea with topsails, whilst owned by R&J Craig {Private collection}